Oferta de plazas de doctorado en la Universidad de Edimburgo (Biodiversidad)

PhD positions on tropical dry forests, savannas and African tree diversity. These positions are open to any applicant from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch by email (kyle.dexter@ed.ac.uk)

Using field work, satellite data and new computational approaches to improve global mapping of tropical dry forests

Who were the past mega-grazers in Madagascar? Using plant traits, niche models and palaeo data to understand a biodiversity hotspot

Africa’s monodominant forest

Big Trees, Big Data and Mortality

Canopy phenology across the dry tropics – understanding seasonality of leaf expression and its climate sensitivity

Muddy Waters, Africa’s uncharted forest ecosystem

Using New Earth Observation and Computational Approaches to Map Dry Forests and their Carbon Dynamics Across the Tropics

Biodiversity of dry forests and savannas at a global scale

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